GET /users/:id_or_username

GET /users/{id_or_username}

Get user by ID or username

Path parameters


GET /users/{id_or_username}
curl \
 -X GET{id_or_username} \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
  "data": {
    "id": 42,
    "auth0_id": "string",
    "username": "string",
    "email": "string",
    "user_type": "string",
    "followed_by_count": 42,
    "following_count": 42,
    "supergroups": [
    "last_active": "string",
    "followed_by_me": true,
    "profile": {
      "id": 122,
      "user_id": 122,
      "full_name": "Jane Doe",
      "tagline": "Skincare lover from NYC.",
      "about_me": "Native New Yorker Janehn Doe is a NYC & MIAMI based esthetician, known for her microcurrent facials.  Her clients include some of the industry's top editors and models, and she's been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and countless other publications. ",
      "instagram_handle": "jane_doe122",
      "twitter_handle": "jane_doe122",
      "tiktok_handle": "jane_doe122",
      "instagram_url": "",
      "twitter_url": "",
      "tiktok_url": "",
      "profile_url": "",
      "website": "",
      "referrer_id": 42
    "profile_picture": {
      "id": 42,
      "user_id": 42,
      "image": "string",
      "url": "string"